The California Employment Development Department (“EDD Office”) offers California unemployment benefits to all California residents who are without a job or underemployed and meet various requirements. The main portal to apply for EDD unemployment is through the Departments website at eApply4UI.  However, before you take the time to gather information needed for the unemployment benefits application and fill out the application you should be sure that your situation qualifies you for California unemployment benefits. In this article will walk you through each of the different requirements to help you make sure that you do not spend unnecessary time and effort on filling out an application only to see it later denied.

How To Qualify

The EDD Office will examine several different aspects of your former employment history leading up to the time that you submit your unemployment insurance application. This includes what kind of work you had, why you lost your job, and how much money you earned with that job. In examining what kind of work you had before applying for EDD unemployment, the Department to see that your employment qualified for the collection of unemployment taxes (also known as “payroll taxes”). Every unemployment tax dollar collected is used to help the Employment Development Department pay for weekly unemployment benefit payments. Therefore, anyone who is not sufficiently “paid in” to the unemployment system through unemployment taxes will have their application denied.

Furthermore, anyone who is become unemployed through purposeful actions of their own will not be able to receive these general welfare payments. Unemployment compensation is meant to be given individuals who innocently are now out of work and need financial help to put food on the table, keep a roof over their heads, and need to pay basic bills during the period of time that they’re looking for new work. If you forced yourself into an unemployment situation through willful behavior of your own state will be unwilling to pay you any weekly benefits.

Finally, not only must your employer have been paying unemployment tax on every paycheck you earned but you must also earned a minimum amount of income with your prior employer to ensure that the amount of payroll taxes collected was of a sufficient amount under California and federal laws. The Employment Development Department wants to see that you have earned at least $1300 in at least one quarter leading up to the time that you apply for benefits. If you’ve not made as much money you can also qualify by having earned $900 during one quarter and having the sum total of all money earned in the prior 4 out of 5 completed calendar quarters be 1 .25 times greater than the single highest earning quarter of that period.

Submitting An Application

In addition to filing for California unemployment benefits through the eApply4UI website, you can also call the Department and file an application over the telephone at (866) 333-4606 or you can also walk into and Employment Development Department office in your area and submit an application by hand.

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