Georgia Unemployment Benefits

The Georgia Department of Labor assists individuals in filing for and receiving Georgia unemployment benefits. This state unemployment insurance program provides temporary relief to individuals who have lost her job were not working enough hours each week to provide for their families until such time as the individual can find new employment or approved employment. The money used to pay this general welfare benefit is derived from payroll taxes levied against Georgia employers throughout the state. There are several different elements and criteria one must meet in order to receive benefits of have their application approved. However, understanding is different benefits is not simple and trying to read statutes and regulations relating to Georgia unemployment benefits is the last thing you want to do after you’ve just lost your job. In an attempt to make life easier we provide for you here a summary of the major provisions you need to know to qualify.

Do You Qualify?

In order to properly determine if you qualify for Georgia unemployment benefits you need to first understand the key phrase: “Base Period.”  Your Base Period is defined by the Georgia Department of Labor as the first for available calendar quarters, not counting the quarter and applicants submits a Georgia unemployment benefits application and not counting the quarter just before the calendar quarter an application submitted. In essence, ignore the current quarter and the quarter just before it and then use the next four calendar quarters as your Base Period.

During your Base Period, you must have earn income in at least two of the four quarters. Additionally, during the two quarters of your Base Period in which you earned the most income the combined total of that income must be at least $1134. Finally, the amount of money you made throughout the entire Base Period must be at least 1 1/2 times the amount of money you earned in single highest earning Base Period quarter.  Each of these three requirements must be met to pass this critical income qualification test.

Beyond these income requirements, you must be actively searching for a new job both before and during the time that you received Georgia unemployment benefits. For anyone who is retired, does not want to find a new job at the present time or is become disabled there are other programs of benefits available.

Filing Your Benefits Application

You can file for Georgia unemployment benefits in one of several ways. First you can submit your application through the Department’s website. Second, you can also stop by any local Department of Labor office and hand submit an application to employee. Third, you can also call the Department unemployment phone line, speak to a representative and file an application. The phone numbers to call to file over the phone is: (404) 232-4290 or (866) 873-5676.

Ongoing Requirements

After your unemployment benefits applications but approved you will be responsible to meet several ongoing requirements by the Georgia Department of Labor. These requirements include:

  • Reporting all income you earned each week
  • Reporting about your specific job search activities each week
  • Registering with the Georgia Employment Service in an attempt to find a new job
  • Keeping your address current with the Department

Good luck with your Georgia unemployment benefits claim!