Go2ui.com is the State of Washington’s portal for residents to file for unemployment benefits. After being laid off from work or otherwise losing your job, the last thing you want to have to worry about is trying to figure out how and whether you qualify for unemployment compensation. This post will help answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding unemployment payments.

How Can You Apply For Benefits?

There are three ways you can apply to receive Washington unemployment insurance (“UI”) payments. First, you can apply by phone by calling the Washington state Employment Security Department’s hotline at 800-318-6022. Second, you can walk into a local Employment Security Department office and submit a written application. Finally, you can apply through the go2ui.com web portal.

How Much In Benefits Can You Receive?

The amount of unemployment benefits you will receive if your UI claims application is approved will vary depending on your prior work history. The maximum weekly payment amount you will receive under state law is $583 and the minimum is $138. The go2ui.com website has a estimate calculator to help you get an idea of what you may be paid.

Is Unemployment Taxable?

In short, unemployment payments are taxable and must be reported on your annual income tax form. If you are concerned with withholding the necessary amount that Federal law requires, you can have the State of Washington automatically withhold 10% of your benefits for income-tax purposes. Once the funds are withheld by the state, the money cannot be refunded. If you did not start by having 10% of your payments withheld and desire to change so that the money is held, call the Employment Security Department office to make that change.

Must I Accept Any Job I Am Offered While Receiving Unemployment?

One of the requirements to qualify for unemployment compensation is to be willing to accept new employment and to actively seek for a job. However, do you need to take the first job offered to you while you are conducting your job search? If the job being offered to you is not considered “suitable” you do not have to accept it. A job offer is not suitable if it meets any of the following conditions:

  •  The position offered is for work that you are not qualified for
  • Taking the position would force you to join or resign from a labor union
  • The new job would force you to engage in an extra long commute or work in unfavorable conditions when compared to other jobs in your area
  • The wage being offered is lower than the common wage for that job in your area
  • You are physically unable to perform the work
  • The work would violate a religious or moral belief

How Long Can I Receive Benefits?

Once you are approved for benefits through go2ui.com your benefit is qualified for a “benefit year”, which is the next 52 weeks from the time your benefits are approved. Without filing for any type of extension, most benefits will pay out for sometime between 13 to 26 weeks.

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