JobsND is the state of North Dakota’s Internet website or to file an unemployment benefit claim. Additionally, JobsND allows you to search for new employment and helps you to prepare for interviews and in improving your resume. To be eligible for unemployment benefits in North Dakota you must be willing and able to work, be interested in seeking new employment, and must not lost her previous employment or any fault of your own. The timing of when you file for your unemployment benefits is important and you should file your claim in the first week you become unemployed. Because North Dakota’s Department of Labor’s week runs from Sunday to Saturday your claim will be effective the Sunday of the week you filed it. Be sure to file your claim as soon as you’re eligible otherwise you lose out on additional money that could have been paid out. State prohibits backdating employment benefit applications in the event that you file an application late.

Information Needed to File a Claim Through JobsND

To be able to file an unemployment benefits claim through JobsND you’ll need to have the following information:

  • Your primary contact information (name, address telephone number)
  • The contact information for all employers you have worked for in the last 18 months
  • Your Social Security Number
  • The name and information of any local Union you are associated with
  • Proof of prior military service (by providing a copy of your DD214 – if applicable)
  • Proof of citizenship (by providing a SF8 and SF50)
  • Your alien identification number (if applicable for a non-U.S. citizen working inside the United States)

Filing Your JobsND Unemployment Benefits Claim

You can file your unemployment claim through one of two ways. First, you may apply turn automated telephone system. The number to call if you desire to apply through this method is (701) 328-4995. You may also go through the JobsND website provide information on their application form. Both the Internet petition and telephone system are unavailable on a daily basis between the hours of 10 PM to midnight Central standard Time.

After Filing Your Claim

After you have filed your unemployment claim through JobsND any decision letter will be mailed to you by the North Dakota Department of Labor. This letter will explain whether your client was accepted or not and, if it was accepted, the maximum unemployment payment amount you’re entitled to receive. This payment amount will be based upon the wages you previously received in your prior jobs over the last 18 months. After your claims but accepted you’re not able to file for new unemployment claim until at least 52 weeks have passed. Depending on the nature and type of your claim you’ll be entitled to receive anywhere between 12 and 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. However, you may also be able to receive unemployment benefit extensions in some instances as well as a result of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

If your unemployment application was denied your decision letter will explain the steps you need to take to file unemployment denial appeals. In particular, you’ll want to look in the Guide to Unemployment Insurance Appeals handbook that will accompany your letter.

Additional JobsND Resources

In addition to filing an unemployment claim, JobsND has various resources that can help you find a new job opening, prepare your resume, and learn how to better interview with a prospective employer. The website also has good explanations on the additional benefits veterans are entitled to receive through the various programs that North Dakota Department of Labor provides.