LA Works Unemployment

The Louisiana Workforce Commission (also known as the “LA Works” Commission) provides a variety of services and information related to Louisiana unemployment benefits, labor market statistics, information to businesses on payroll taxes, workers compensation and more. With the lagging economic recovery and the exasperated problems Louisiana has faced due to the unfortunate BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, there has been an exceptionally high demand for unemployment benefits from LA Works (“LA Works unemployment“). In this article we will explore how the LA Works unemployment program operates, what requirements you need to meet and what information you need to provide to the LA Works commission in order to receive unemployment insurance.

Requirements to Receive Benefits

Only individuals who are either working part time or are completely unemployed can file a unemployment benefits application. Anyone who has had their workhours reduced or has lost their job because of actions they took on purpose (such as violating employer rules of safety or being disobedient to a supervisor) will result in a disqualification from receiving any compensation. Additionally, anyone who will not be seriously looking for new work or anyone who is unwilling to take a job offer that is reasonable should not apply. Because unemployment benefits are only available to individuals who need the income as a temporary means to pay bills, put food on the table and keep a roof over your head, people with more long term unemployment outlooks (like retired or disabled people) will not be approved for any compensation.

The LA Works unemployment board will also examine how much money you earned prior to submitting your application to them. Louisiana law requires you to have earned a minimum amount of income over a twelve month period of time called the “Base Period” under Louisiana unemployment law. The Base Period is made up of four calendar quarters (12 months) starting two quarters before the current one you are in. In other words, do not count the current quarter and the quarter just before that and then add up the next four calendar quarters to make up your Base Period.

To qualify for unemployment benefits you will have to demonstrate that you earned a minimum of $1,200 during the entire Base Period. Additionally, you must prove that the total earnings over the course of the Base Period are 1.5 times more than the single Base Period quarter where you earned the most income.

Submitting An Application

In order to submit a LA Works unemployment application you will need to provide several bits of information. This information includes your name, contact information (be sure to include a valid daytime telephone number where you can be reached), information relating to your work history (such as the name, contact information, the start work date, the ending work date and the compensation received from each employer) and other relevant information (including a DD214 if you are a member of the military or an Alien Identification Card if you do not have a Social Security Number – SSN).

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