NJUIFILE is the state of New Jersey’s online portal to apply for unemployment benefits (also known as “ui claims”). Unemployment benefits are paid to individuals who lost her job and meet certain requirements under New Jersey law. The money to pay for unemployment benefits is funded by a payroll tax paid by all businesses and employees working in the state. Below is a summary of how New Jersey unemployment benefits work, how to qualify, where to apply and more.

Filing Your Claim

It is important that you apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible.  The timing of your application for benefits is what determines the amount of benefits you will be entitled to receive each week. When you complete your application you will be required to provide the name and address of each business you been employed with for the past 18 months. Additionally you also need to provide your Social Security number. You can file for benefits through the NJUIFILE website, by visiting a New Jersey Department of Labor office, or by calling any of the State’s Reemployment Call Centers. There are three different Reemployment Call Centers to choose from.  Their phone numbers are:

  • Union City Call Center – (201) 601-4100
  • Freehold Call Center    – (732) 761-2020
  • Cumberland Call Center – (856) 507-2340

For out of state claims, you can also call (888) 795-6672.

If you want to file your claim on the Internet through NJUIFILE you must meet the following requirements. First, you must live inside United States. Second, every single job you have had in the past 18 months must’ve been within the state of New Jersey. Third, none of your previous 18 months of employment was for either the United States federal government or on behalf of the United States military. Fourth, you not work for an employer that is defined as a “Maritime Employer” in the past 18 months. Fifth, you are willing to work and not disabled and, finally, you are not filing a claim for Extended Benefits were trying to reopen a previously applied for claim.


In order to receive unemployment payments you must qualify under one of two different provisions. The first provision allows people to qualify for benefits if you are employed in your former position for at least 20 consecutive weeks at a job where both you and your employer paid into the unemployment system through payroll taxes. The second provision allows people to receive benefits if your payment in your previous employment payment was 1000 times the state hourly minimum wage rounded up to the next $100.

Payment Amounts

If your application for unemployment benefits is approved the amount that you receive in your weekly checks is called your Weekly Benefit Rate. This rate will be 60% of the average wage you were paid in the final quarter of your employment for being laid off or otherwise losing your job. In some instances you may also be able to claim dependency benefits, which will allow you to receive an extra 7% above your Weekly Benefit Rate for your first dependent an extra 4% of your Weekly Benefit Rate for your next to dependents. At most, you can claim up to three dependents and earn an extra 15% payout beyond your base pay rate. Certain restrictions and provisions apply to qualify for this extra dependency payment.