Washington State Unemployment Office

The Washington State unemployment office, which is maintained by the Washington Employment Security Department is your source for all things related to Washington state unemployment benefits.  In addition to providing information on unemployment benefits the Employment Security Department offers a wide variety of information and services related to finding a new job and helping businesses ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable unemployment taxes.  Each of these functions will be discussed in more detail below.

Unemployment Benefits

The Washington State unemployment office handles all Washington state unemployment benefits applications.  Before applying for unemployment insurance (“UI”) you need to determine if you are eligible to have your UI claims approved.  To receive benefits you need to meet several different criteria.  First, you must have become unemployed or significantly underemployed recently.  Second, the job loss or reduction in work hours cannot have resulted from actions you took yourself.  Third, you must have been working for a company that was properly paying Washington state unemployment taxes.  Fourth, you must be willing and able to find a new job (or to increase the number of hours you work, if that applies).  This will involve actively looking for a new job and not being disabled (i.e., not intending to find new work again).  Fifth, you must have earned a certain level of compensation over a period of time preceding your job loss and unemployment benefit application.  Although it is beyond the scope of this article, the income levels are basically examined for a twelve month period that excludes the current calendar quarter you are in as well as the calendar quarter immediately preceding the current one.  You can find out more on how much income you need to earn by going to the Washington State unemployment office website at go2ui.com.

Job Search Features

Beyond unemployment benefits, the Washington State unemployment office can also help individuals either find a new job after a prior job loss or a replacement job from the current employment the person has now.  Not only does the Department offer listings on current Washington state government openings but it has also partnered with private job listings to help maximize the opportunity for you to find new employment.  The Washington Employment Security Department also holds workshops and seminars on how to do well in a job interview and make your resume stand out from the rest.  Their services can be valuable when you are trying to make a career move.

Business Unemployment Tax Compliance

The Washington State unemployment office also attempts to help businesses located within the state to comply with all applicable unemployment taxes.  Certain categories of businesses are excluded from the tax and certain types of employees may not trigger a tax liability as well.  As with most tax statutes, it can be cumbersome to read through the various regulatory requirements each business owner must meet.  However, the Washington State unemployment office website, go2ui.com, helps with simplifying this process somewhat.

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